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Veule is a waypoint in France.

Airspace waypoints are made by 5 letters words which are relatively easy to pronounce. Veule is such a word, at least to a frenchman. Not sure how easy it is for a brit or a spaniard. Anyway choice is limited and Veule was chosen as a waypoint over France.

veule france brazil

This picture was taken during a flying adventure trip to Brazil. We were just south of Natal, departure airport, flying south. All the way to Uruguay.

Where is VEULE?

Appart from being on, veule as a waypoint can be seen here on this chart, along the coastline, nearby Etretat.


The VEULE waypoint is on the well known UL612 airway coming in from UK to south east France. Lots of flying there in ski season and overall all year round.
Enjoy the flying.

VEULE website

The VEULE website is simple, yet it follows most recommendations.

VEULE website

There are many waypoints all over the airspace. Here are a few: